General Resources  -  Indigenous Peoples

General Resources  

Davis, Richard C., editor. Encyclopedia of American Forest and Conservation History. Two volumes. New York: Macmillan, 1983.

Hay, Peter. Main Currents in Western Environmental Thought. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2002.

Krech, Shepard III, J. R. MCNeaill and Carolyn Merchant. Encyclopedia of World Environmental History. Three volumes. New York: Routledge, 2004

Merchant, Carolyn, editor. Ecology. Key Concepts in Critical Theory Series. Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey: Humanities Press, 1994.

Miller, G. Tyler, Jr. Living in the Environment: Principles, Connections, and Solutions. Twelfth Edition. Belmont, California: Wadsworth/Thompson Learning, 2002.

Paehlke, Robert, editor. Conservation and Environmentalism: An Encyclopedia. New York: Garland, 1995.

Alaska Science Forum.

Best Environmental Directories

Chemical Industry Archives

Country Studies. Library of Congress. A wealth of information about countries around the world

Cultural Environmental Studies. Links, bibliography, and resources bridging culture studies and environmental studies.

Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs. United Kingdom

Discussion Lists. Access to environment-related e-mail discussions, most related to the humanities & social sciences

Earth Clock. Statistical information

Ecocosm Dynamics Links Directory. Lots of links

Ecological Internet. Portals to resources

Eco Earth. Links to a variety of environmental and sustainability sites world wide

Eco Websites
The Ecologist searchable database. See bottom of page

Electronic Green Journal, a journal of international environmental topics

EnviroLink. A portal to a wealth of environment-related resources

Environment Canada

Environment, Community & Bioregionalism

Environmental Education Directory

Environmental Expert. A web-based information center for environmental professionals and businesses.

Environmental Protection Agency Victoria, Australia

Environmental Protection Agency. U.S.A.

Environmental Studies. Databases & E-Resources at the Library of Congress. Major resource

Environmental Studies Links

Environmental Working Group

European Environmental Information and Observation Network

European Federation of Biophysics links

Global Development Research Center

GreenGuide. Green living sources for today's conscious consumer

Global Change Master Directory

Global Stewards

Green Pages: Environmental Information Resources on the Net

Green Facts. Information on health and the environment

Home Planet

Library of Congress on-line environmental science resources

LiveGreenOrDie. Links to web sites, classifieds, blogs

Minority Environmental Leadership Development Institute

National Library for the Environment. A wealth of resources; international in scope
A service of the National Council for Science and the Environment

Nature Blog

National Institute for Environmental Studies. Japan

Orion Online. Environmental writing and art, place-based studies, grassroots action

Progressive web sites. Links

Resurgence magazine. Articles on-line

Seven Bioscience Challenges. American Institute of Biological Sciences site

Societal-environmental Interactions, etc.. Suggested reading.

Solidarity & Sustainability. Newsletter A Journal of the Built and Natural Environments. On-line journal

Third World Network

U.S. Census, 1790-1960. Searchable

United Nations Environment Programme

Wild Thoughts. On-line journal of environmental writing.


World Factbook. CIA site. A wealth of information about countries around the world

Worldwatch Institute Online Features


See also "Place"

Country Studies. Library of Congress. A wealth of information about countries around the world

Geography and Environment Gateway

Geography, Environment & Planning Information Gateway (Africa)

Geography Links (Canada)

Globalization Theories

Journal of World-Systems Research. On-line journal

National Geographic Society

National Geographic magazine. Searchable archives

World Factbook. CIA site. A wealth of information about countries around the world

"World Sytems Theory" by Carlos A. Martinez-Vela (PDF file)

Geology, Astronomy & Cosmic Perspectives  

See also, "Disasters," "Mining"

Celestia. A graphic tour of the solar system and universe. Take a tour (under "Help"), do educational activities through a NASA site, create your own planetarium
Down load software (free). 
Down load software, alternative site (free, 13,565K file):,fid,19600,00.asp# 
Celestia Motherload. Software addons: 
NASA Celestia Exploration Activity site: 

Encyclopedia of Earth (under development)

Earth Science Links

Environmental Geology
Environmental Geology Links. 
Environmental Geology online instructional modules. 

Moon (Luna)
Apollo Image Atlas. 
Origin of the Moon. 
Origin of the Moon. 

Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial 

Paleontology (fossils)
Palaeos: The Trace of Life on Earth. 
Paleontology Portal. 

Plate Techtonics (continental drift)
Dynamic Earth: The Story of Plate Tectonics (USGS web site). 
Plates Project. Information about continental drift & plate tectonics, including animated maps. 
Plate Tectonics Animated Maps. 

Secret World/Powers of Ten. A mind-blowing perspective, from subatomic to cosmic See also

Global Warming & Climate Change  

See also, "Disasters"

Gelbspan, Ross. The Heat is On: The High Stakes Battle over Earth's Threatened Climate. Reading, Massachusetts: Perseus Books, 1997. 

Gelbspan, Ross. Boiling Point: How Politicians, Big Oil and Coal, Journalists, and Activists Are Fueling the Climate Crisis--An What we Can Do to Avert Disaster. New York: Basic Books, 2004.

Speth, James Gustave. Red Sky at Morning: American and the Crisis of the Global Environment. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2004.

Weart, Spencer R. The Discovery of Global Warming. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2003.

Carbon Trading: A Critical Conversation on Climate Change, Privatisation and Power
Development Dialog no. 48 (Sept. 2006). PDF files . .

Climate Ark. Climate Change Portal

Climate Monitoring Reports & Products. National Climatic Data Center

EPA on Global Warming

Exploratorium’s Global Climate Change site

Global Change Master Directory (NASA)

Global Climate Change  (NASA)

Global Warming: Early Warning Signs (w/ Climate Hot Map)

The Great Warming

Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research (UK)

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UNEP). Publications

Library of Congress on-line climatology resources

Methane Hydrate (See also, "Energy Alternatives")
Ocean Burps and Climate Change? 
Global Inventory of Natural Gas Hydrate Occurence. 

NOAA Climate Change page

Real Climate. A commentary site on climate science by working climate scientists

Too Hot to Handle. Climate change resources

U.S. Global Change Research Information Office

Worldwatch Institute climate change resources

Grant & Fellowship Opportunities  

Barbato, Joseph and Danielle S. Furlich. Writing for a Good Cause: The Complete Guide to Crafting Proposals and Other Persuasive Pieces for Nonprofits. New York: Simon & Schuster/Fireside, 2000.

Brown, Larissa Golden and Martin John Brown. Demystifying Grant Seeking: What You Really Need to do to Get Grants. San Francisto: Jossey-Bass, 2001.

Canadian Environmental Grantmakers Network. for grantseekers

Environmental Fellowship Opportunities

Environmental Grantmakers Association. Links for grantseekers

Environmental Grantmaking. Links to funders

Foundation Center

FundsNet Environmental Funders

Health & Medicine  

Forget, Gilles and Jean Lebel "An Ecosystem Approach to Human Health." International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health (Supplement)  7, no. 2 (April/June 2001): S1-S38.

Whorton, James C. Nature Cures: The History of Alternative Medicine in America. New York: Oxford University Press, 2002.

Biodiversity and Human Health

Collaborative on Health and the Environment

ehp: Environmental Health Perspectives. Past issues on-line

Environmental Health: A Global Access Science Source. On-line peer reviewed journal

Environmental Health Links (Environmental Health Coalition)

Environmental Health Links (National Environmenal Health Association)

Herbal Medicine

Herb Resources (Herb Research Foundation)

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Protection of the Human Environment Health Topics (World Health Organization)

Toxicant and Disease Database (CHE)

Wiser Earth. A directory of organizations and individuals addressing central issues of our day.


Albers, Jan. Hands on the Land: A History of the Vermont Landscape. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2000.

Cronon, William, editor. Uncommon Ground: Toward Reinventing Nature. New York: Norton, 1995.

Dunlap, Thomas R. Nature and the English Diaspora: Environment and Histroy in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1999.

Elvin, Mark. The Retreat of the Elephants: An Environmental History of China. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2004.

Glave, Dianne D. and Mark Stoll. To Love the Wind and the Rain: African Americans and Environmental History. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2006.

Grove, Richad H. Green Imperialism: Colonial Expansion, Tropical Island Edens, and the Origins of Environmentalism, 1600-1860. New York: Campridge University PRess, 1995.

Grove, Richard H., Vinita Damodaran, Stpal Sangwan, editors. Nature and the Orient: The Environmental History of South and Southeast Asia. Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1998.

Klyza, Christopher McGrory and Stephen C. Trombulak. The Story of Vermont: A Natural and Cultural History. Hanover: Middlebury College Press/University Press of New England, 1999.

Krech, Shepard, III, J. R.. McNeill, and Carolyn Merchant, editors. Encyclopedia of World Environmental History. Three volumes. New York: Routledge, 2003.

Merchant, Carolyn. The Columbia Guide to American Environmental History. New York: Columbia Unviersity Press, 2002.

Merchant, Carolyn, editor. Major Problems in American Environmental History. Lexington, Massachusetts: Heath, 1993.

Merchant, Carolyn. "Shades of  Darkness: Race and Environmental History." Environmental History 8, no. 3 (July 2003): 380-394.

Opie, John. Nature's Nation: An Environmental History of the United States. Fort Worth: Harcourt Brace, 1998.

Richards, John F. The Unending Frontier: An Environmental History of the Early Modern World. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2003.

Smith, Kimberly K. African American Environmental Thought: Foundations. Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 2007.

Steinberg, Ted. Down to Earth: Nature's Role in American History. New York: Oxford University Press, 2002.

American Society for Environmental History (publisher of the journal Environmental History. Resources pages

Australian and New Zealand Environmental History

Canadian Environmental History Bibliography

Conservation, Preservation, and Environmental Activism: A Survey of the Historical Literature

Caste From the Past: Environmentalism's elistist tinge has roots in the movement's history

Documenting Environmental Change

Enviro-Tech Newsletter. An on-line publication of a special interest group of the Society for the History of Technology

Environment and Conservation. Library of Congress American Memory resorces,+Conservation

Environment and History. Back issues online

Environmental History. Recent issues from January 2003 online

Environmental History Resources (works best with Internet Explorer)

European Society for Environmental History. International resurces

Evolution of the Conservation Movement. Library of Congress American Memory site

Flordia Everglades.  Reclaiming the Everglades: South Florida's Natural History, 1884-1934

Forest History Society
Environmental History Bibliography. 
Guide to the Oral History Interview Collection. 

History of Sustainability

Land Use History of the North America

Lewis & Clark as Naturalists

“Nature Transformed." Environmental history pages of the National Humanities Center.

Network in Canadian History & Environment (NiCHE)

Society for the History of Technology. 

U.S. Environmental History. Web links site at McMaster University


Center for Environmental Arts & Humanities. University of Nevada, Reno

Center for Humans and Nature. 

Environmental Arts and Humanities (links)

Environmental Humanities. References & links

Indigenous Peoples & Cultures  

See also, "Religion," "Plants & People"

Harkin, Michael E. and David Rich Lewis, editors. Native Americans and the Environment: Perspectives on the Ecological Indian. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2007.

Hughes, J. Donald. American Indian Ecology. El Paso: Texas Western Press, 1983.

Inglis, Julian T., editor. Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Concepts and Cases. International Development Research Center, 1993. (Download book)

Johannes, Robert Earle. Traditional Knowledge: A Collection of Essays. IUCN, 1989.

Krech, Shepherd, III. The Ecological Indian: Myth and History. New York: Norton, 1999.

Menzies, Charles R. Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Natural Resource Management. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2006.

Alaska Native Knowledge Network (includes world wide info)

American Indian Heritage Foundation

American Indian Tribes, Federally Recognized

Center for Indigenous Peoples' Nutrition and Environment

Center for Native Peoples and the Environment

Center for World Indigenous Studies World Wide Web Virtual Library

Conflict and Human Rights in the Amazon: The Yanomami


Indigenous Knowledge. Special issue of Northern Perspectives. Download articles

Indigenous Environmental Network

"Indigenous Peoples" (Wikipedia)

Indigenous Peoples and the Law

Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialsim

Indigenous Peoples Literature

Indigenous Peoples of Latin America

Indigenous Peoples' Restoration Network


Resource Centre for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Traditional Knowledge (IUCN resources). Go to this site and do search for "traditional knowledge"

TWN: Third World Network

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